House Cup

The House Cup is awarded to the Hogwarts House with the most points at the end of the school year. The point system is simple; a teacher, Head Girl, Head Boy or Prefect is allowed to award or deduct however many points they think is necessary.

In Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts, when Dolores Umbridge was High Inquistor of Hogwarts and later became Headmistress, anyone who was in the Inquisitorial Squad could also award or deduct points.

House Cup Winners

Year House
1985-1986 Slytherin
1986-1987 Slytherin
1987-1988 Slytherin
1988-1989 Slytherin
1989-1990 Slytherin
1990-1991 Slytherin
1991-1992 Gryffindor
1992-1993 Gryffindor
1993-1994 Gryffindor
1994-1995 unknown
1995-1996 unknown
1996-1997 Gryffindor
1997-1998 unknown